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This email group is for participants of the October 22/23, 2016 "Getting it Built" Workshop with Charles Durrett and Kathryn McCamant in Hood River, OR.  You can post to this group to coordinate rides and accommodations for the workshop, share info and documents about the workshop, and communicate with the rest of the workshop participants.  You can unsubscribe to this email group at any time and the instructions to do so are at the bottom of each email.  We look forward to learning with you!
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  • GIBWorkshop | Childcare
    This sub group is for workshop participants who need to coordinate childcare for their children during the workshop, and for those who can help find childcare providers.
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  • GIBWorkshop | Lodging
    This subgroup is for those of you that need lodging during the workshop weekend or have shown an interest in providing or coordinating lodging for our guests.
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